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My name is Dimitrios Lazaridis and I grew up in my papa’s restaurant eating his delicious made from scratch food. My childhood friend Dylan McCall and I bonded from an early age over the savory aromas and memorable flavors that my dad would create in his kitchen. After our own experiences in the food service industry, we realized how much we missed the classic simplicity of family homemade recipes.

To recreate this experience for others, we decided to bottle up and build upon his old family recipes. In 2014 we set up a booth at a local fair to see if everyone loved my dad’s sauce as much as we did. With the help of Dylan's sister, Annie, we served up hundreds of samples to passers by. The response to our sauce was so positive from folks all over, we knew we were onto something special.


(Left to right) Dylan McCall, Annie McCall, Dimitrios Lazaridis

That was many years ago and our passion for making good sauce has only grown since then. We built our own industrial kitchen to make and bottle our sauces and to ensure the best quality for each jar. We've dedicated countless hours to discovering the most sustainably-sourced ingredients, resulting in a truly natural product you can feel good about eating. We know that there are plenty of other sauces to try but there's nothing quite as fresh and delicious with a homemade taste as my papa's pasta sauce.